Below are some of the services we offer at Innisfil Medical Practise. If you have more questions, please call us during working hours.

General Consultation

General physician consultations on all types of ailments. Referrals to appropriate Specialists also arranged as required.

Women’s Health

Consultations on all gynecological matters including contraception, PAP tests, and IUD insertions.

Pregnancy Care

All aspects of prenatal and pregnancy care provided in conjunction with Obstetricians and midwives.

IUD & Contraception Guidance

Appropriate counseling provided on all the forms of birth control available and IUD insertions carried out as required.

Periodic health examinations

We carry out periodic health examinations including screening for colon, breast and cervical cancers.

Mental health

We provide initial diagnosis, management and ongoing support for patients presenting with mental health problems.

Well baby visits with immunizations

We carry out well baby checks, weighing, feeding support, immunizations as well as ongoing support for families with newborns.

Sports Related Injuries Management

Care is provided for all musculo-skeletal problems including administration of cortisone injections to certain joints as appropriate.

Urgent visits for illness or injury

We provide care for urgent minor ailments, burns and wound management including stitches.